Over the past century, the Palestinians have suffered oceans of injustice at the hands of an ideology whose ultimate objective includes ridding the Palestinians from their homeland.

It is an ideology that has no regard for anything except itself and it has used all sorts of unscrupulous methods to achieve its ends.

Its current approach is to make life so difficult for the Palestinians, in the belief that — given the chance — they will abandon their land.

And it is the support of broken democracies that has made its ill-willed strategies possible.

The situation grows more dire every day and the only way to resolve it is for people of good will to make democracy work in support of justice.

This requires action and action can only come from citizens that are well-informed about this colossal injustice carried out against an entire people.

We understand that you have many other things going on in your life. You have debts to repay, children to raise and so much else.

But this issue concerns our shared humanity, conscience and security.

It is something we can no longer ignore.

Presenting the truth of the "conflict" is a grass-roots effort that needs us all to do our part. Everyone has to take responsibility for educating  others and Oceans of Injustice aims to make that easy for you.

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