Oceans of Injustice aims to raise people’s consciousness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

It resonates from a belief that if people can understand the history, dynamics and experiences, as well as the very real life circumstance, conditions, pain and suffering that Palestinians have and continue to live with, then that would encourage people of goodwill to support them in their struggle for freedom, justice and equality. It would also be a fair space for true healing and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis to take place. After all, in any conflict resolution, both parties need to be heard and understood, not just the one with more might and influence.

To raise ‘consciousness’, means to raise not only awareness but also response. Oceans of Injustice does this through short films, facts and storytelling as well as providing credible testimonial and further resources from which people can extend their understanding of the situation. We also hope to guide our audience to the credible change makers who work tirelessly to end the injustice.

Message from our founder

Many people have heard of the Palestinian-Israeli or Arab-Israeli conflict, but the vast majority hardly know the details and a great deal have been misinformed or have misunderstood. This is for a variety of reasons, but my experience, on the other hand, was different. I considered myself to be rather well informed about the situation, both historically and in the present, from both the Palestinian and Israeli perspectives, but it was a trip to Palestine as an adult and the revelations that followed that drove me to create Oceans of Injustice.

The ideological birth mother of the state of Israel is a Colonial Settler Enterprise, known as political Zionism. This is the worst form of colonization, because it actually involves the colonist acquiring as much land as possible with as little of the indigenous population as possible. Today we call that ethnic cleansing. Don’t take my word for it, look to Vladamir Jabodinsky, one of the foremost Zionist leaders. This guy is considered by Israel to be a national hero, who has more streets named after him in Israel than any other figure has anywhere else in the world, who said in his famous essay in 1923, The Iron Wall, “Any form of Zionist colonization, even the most restricted, must be carried out in defiance of the will of the native population.” Ben Gurion, who became the first Prime Minister of Israel (before which the British had his image on the back of milk cartons as a wanted terrorist) said in letters to his son “We must replace the Arabs and take their place.”

So, if we know that Israel is a colonist, then we also know that any colonist works very hard to first dehumanize the indigenous population they are colonizing, then brand them as barbarians and terrorists and then eventually deny that they ever existed. They do this for internal and external consumption, so that people of goodwill do not empathize with that population, and then any and all atrocities can be carried out against them. This has without a doubt been the case for Palestinians.

Over the past century, the Palestinians have suffered oceans of injustice at the hands of this ideology of political Zionism, whose ultimate objective includes ridding the Palestinians from their homeland.

As Oceans of Injustice shows, its current approach is to make life so difficult for the Palestinians, in the belief that — given the chance — they will abandon their land.

And it is the support of broken democracies that has made its ill-willed strategies possible.

The situation grows more dire every day and the only way to resolve it is for people of good will to make democracy work in support of justice.
This requires action and action can only come from citizens that are empathetically engaged and well-informed about this colossal injustice carried out against an entire people.

I understand that you have many other things going on in your life. You have debts to repay, children to raise and so much else.

But this issue concerns our shared humanity, conscience and security.
It is also something we can no longer ignore, as the pursuit of this scrupulous ideology has crept far beyond the physical boundaries of where it is taking place and into foreign policies, civil liberties and the media narratives of countries worldwide that affect us all directly and indirectly.

Presenting the truth of the "conflict" is a grass-roots effort that needs us all to do our part. Everyone has to take responsibility for educating others and offering their support and Oceans of Injustice aims to make that easier for you.

Farah Nabulsi, Founder