Oceans of Injustice aims to raise people’s consciousness of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

It resonates from a belief that if people can understand the history, dynamics and experiences, as well as the very real life circumstance, conditions, pain and suffering that Palestinians have and continue to live with, then that would encourage people of goodwill to support them in their struggle for freedom, justice and equality. It would also be a fair space for true healing and reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis to take place. After all, in any conflict resolution, both parties need to be heard and understood, not just the one with more might and influence.

To raise ‘consciousness’, means to raise not only awareness but also response. Oceans of Injustice does this through short films, facts and storytelling as well as providing credible testimonial and further resources from which people can extend their understanding of the situation. We also hope to guide our audience to the credible change makers who work tirelessly to end the injustice